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What is it?

Introducing my new album, The Antikythera Mechanism!

To be released on Memorial Day Weekend! Our CD release show will be at Clockwork Alchemy in San Jose, CA. 


This all started about 6 months ago when I read an article about the sophisticated science and technology of Ancient Greece. Reportedly, they had death rays, steam technology, and were making clockwork devices that rival the elegance of modern Swiss watch makers. Our whole world is thick with the influence of Greek art, music, knowledge and philosophy. For instance, the oldest known complete musical composition is from Greece (it's dated to somewhere between 200BC to 100AD).

The title of the album comes from an ancient artifact found in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of the Greek island of Antikythera in 1900-1901. The corroded bronze object had obvious gear work and, after years of care and investigation was found to be a device used to predict the movements of the heavenly bodies - eclipses, the phase of the moon, the wanderings of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, and Mercury through the heavens. Scholars and scientists today are still puzzling over the complexities that the mechanism has to offer. The sophistication required to make this was lost and didn't reappear again until nearly 1500 years later. Seriously, go google it and have your mind be blown.

So, anyway, as I was pondering this incredible find I began to hear music in my head. From there it was just a matter of time before I knew that I had an album's worth of material. I pitched the idea to my friend and collaborator Alyssa Rosenbloom and she agreed that this would be a thing! Several weeks and chat conversations later we had enough lyrics for the whole album! It seems like not a day would go by but that there would be a new lyric in my email box. We hashed out songs about Medusa, Cassandra, Eos, the goddess of the dawn, Aphrodite, and a whole bunch of others.

Of course, seeing as we're both totally steampunks we knew that we had to add some science fiction to the project. So we've taken a few 'liberties' with the stories. If you've heard our previous album, Narrative, you'll get what I mean.

I'm deep in the recording process even now and plan to have everything done by the end of March. Mixing, mastering, and manufacturing is all scheduled for April. I plan to have the album release in late May with a special show at Clockwork Alchemy in San Jose, CA. We'll be performing on the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend.

And the cool thing is that I somehow managed to convince Phil Foglio that drawing my album cover was a thing he wanted to do! I don't know about you but … holy hell! Phil Foglio! I've only been a fan of his work since the early issues of Dragon Magazine back in the 80's. <insert van squee here>

Ahem …

So, yeah.

Like our previous release, Narratives, we're doing a fund raiser to help cover the costs for The Antikythera Mechanism. I can do a lot of the work myself but I can't play all the instruments, nor have I learned that special magic sauce known as mastering. We're going to press an initial run of 1000 CDs with all the beautiful art and layout you'd expect.

Over the next several weeks, I'll be posting song samples, bits of art, and some discussion about the songs. We will also be offering some spiffy swag for your help with our fundraiser (see below!)

Thank you!


How it Works:

Donate what you can, when you can before the deadline (April 7th, 2014). Rewards will be e-mailed/mailed/delivered (whatever is applicable per your level) when the CD is ready to ship in early June. If everything is on schedule, we'll also be able deliver CDs/rewards in person at Clockwork Alchemy (San Jose, CA).

Q: I want to donate, but I don't have a credit card or like to use PayPal - can I pay by check or money order?
A: Yes! You can donate at any level via check or money order (or cash or square if you're local). Just write us for the payment and address info.

Q. I can only donate a little right this moment, but can I donate more in the near future and how would that work?
A. We appreciate anything you can donate to make this happen (we're on a budget too, hence this fundraiser, and so we we understand!), so let's say you donate $20 now, and $20 in 2 weeks, you'll go up to the next level, because we'll keep track of it for you. Whatever level your total amount reaches, is what you will get (and who knows, maybe more!)

Q: Why are you using your own website vs. a crowdfunding site?
A: Several reasons: One: it cuts out an additional middle man, which means more funds can go towards the project. Two: this project will be going forward no matter what, and every donation counts.

Q. How do the House Concerts work?
A. If you live in the Puget Sound Area
(basically within 2 hours of Seattle proper), we come to you! Scheduling/availability is subject to our calendar (and yours), so please keep that in mind. If you live outside of Western Washington, then we're still happy to come and do a house concert for you - but you are also responsible for the cost of transportation (airships, trains, automobiles + lodging) - so that is an additional cost beyond the $500. If you have any questions - please email us!

Q. When will I get my CD/rewards?
A. We are estimating that the CDs will be ready early June - you may be able to get them earlier if you are attending one of the events we're performing at. Everyone who donates will be added to a special newsletter which will let you know exactly how things are going and when you can expect your CD and related rewards.

Have a question not answered by the FAQ? E-mail us

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Goal: $4750 by 4/7/14
Amount Donated: $5580.00
Thank you so much for helping us reach our goal - not only in time, but THEN SOME!!!!

Download of The Antikythera Mechanism + our sincere gratitude  
The CD of The Antikythera Mechanism + our sincere gratitude  
Signed CD of The Antikythera Mechanism , complete digital download + our sincere gratitude  

Credit! A thank you in the CD liner notes + signed CD + download and MOAR THANKS!


ART! Collection of limited edition 5x7 art prints by Tempest based on the songs from the album, plus $50 package.

A unique talisman pendant made by Tempest inspired by the album - each will feature a genuine evil eye bead + gear part, but every one will be different and made just for you! (Plus everything in the $75 package).  

A House Concert in the Puget Sound Area (Washington). For house concerts OUTSIDE of the Puget Sound Area, you will also need to additionally provide transportation and accommodations for the band. If we are already in your area for another event, then we may be able to waive those additional costs. Let's talk! Concert dates are subject to our availability. (Plus all the swag in the $75 package).

A custom-made song for YOU! You give us the idea and we write it - AND it will go on our next album! And you get to name it (provided it's not the sort of thing that would offend my mother, OK?) (Plus all the swag in the $75 package).  
Set Your Own Level
Open Donation! Huzzah for the tipper! Want to donate something that's in-between levels, or even more? Use this button to enter your own amount, and there may just be something special included with your rewards! (You can also opt to give without receiving certain rewards, just let us know in the seller instructions..)  


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